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8 Tips for Choosing Professional Printing Services

It is an important decision when selecting professional printing services, that you need to choose wisely. Here are 8 tips to help you decide:

1. Know what you need

Be clear on what kind of professional printing services you need. Know what your own brief is and what type of print media you need. Know your audience and what will work best for communicating with them . Ensure that your artwork is a high quality design and will be effective for what you need. If you need any help with this step you can consult a digital design agency called Stray Dog, based in Dublin who can help you to create strong print media designs.

Once you are clear on your final design, do research into all the different types of paper or other materials you can get your work printed on and Stray Dog can help you with these decisions also to make the process easier. Once you have analysed, strategised and finalised the design and specific requirements that you need, you are ready to start choosing who your printing services will be.

2. Ensure your printers are technically proficient and experienced

Years of experience and attention to detail are key characteristics of your ideal professional printing services. It is important that every detail of your print job is thoroughly checked and double checked and that the printers know exactly what will work and what will not. Your professional printing services need to confirm that your digital design will work on the format you are selecting.

A professional printers, can advise you at this early stage if your requirements do not match your design. Your completed print job will benefit from the double checking of such measurements and requirements to avoid any mistakes. Having an expert printing services for the best outcome of your finished print job, saving you precious time and money.

3. Check quality

Once you know you are selecting an experienced and competent printer, you also need to double check the quality of their final print product to ensure that they are the right fit for you. It is important to note the attention to detail, by looking at some samples of their work and if there is any smudging of ink or any mis-registered text? Checking if images are clear or blurred. The quality of the final print will have a huge impact on your business and the success or failure of your printed media in reaching who you are targeting.

Additionally when choosing professional printing services, it is an added advantage that they do a variety of innovative print styles and techniques, where you can get creative with your type of design you can use. A printer who does professional printing services will work to accommodate any design and print ideas in the best possible way.

4. Level of service

Make sure that when you are deciding on professional printing services that they are helpful and informative in guiding you through the whole experience, and that they are easy to contact and will inform you of updates etc. Having a very personable and friendly point of contact will be advantageous to you as it makes the whole experience more enjoyable and efficient. You need to be able to trust your printer and your account handler.

Ensure that they are open & honest and will deliver a professional service with good communication and client management skills. Ideally you should look for a printer who can manage your project in its entirety, from print, personalisation, collation, finishing, binding, storage and fulfilment. It is far more cost-effective and efficient if the same company handles every step.

5. Are they reliable and punctual

It is very important that the printers you choose are both reliable and punctual. This is to ensure the smooth running of your business commitments and plans, as any delay in printing can have a negative impact on your schedule.

When doing large printing jobs with strict deadlines you need professional printing services that delivers on time, every time.

6. Do they provide distribution logistics

Once you have your beautifully designed and printed media, then you might need to consider the logistics of distributing your media around the city or indeed around the Country. Having professional printing services that can ensure the safe and efficient distribution of your material is crucial especially with all the effort put into creating them.

You need a printing services that have a very established logistics and distribution facility to their printing services. Which can take the hassle out of delivery and ensure your printed media gets to exactly where you want it to be.

7. Get Recommendations

Another way to ensure you are deciding on excellent professional printing services is to get recommendations of previous customers to see how happy they were with the whole experience.

8. Get a quote

In the process of deciding which printers do the best professional printing services you need, it is important that once you have your final selection list of which printers meet your requirements, then you need to contact them with the exact specification of what you require and request a quote on what it will cost.

This is important to do this before you commit, as you need to know how much it will cost. For a very high quality print that is excellent value you can contact Doggett Printers to get a quote and follow the above steps to ensure they are the right printers for you.

Choosing professional printing services is a very detailed and important process in ensuring the highest end quality of your commissioned printed media, and once you find your perfect printers you can rest assured that your print jobs will always be done well.

One of the best and most professional printing services in Dublin is Doggett Printers, based in Harold’s Cross, and they can cater for all small and big jobs. Their sister company Stray Dog can supply all the digital graphic design, and Doggett Printers can provide the full package of the complete printing job, including all the logistics and distribution.

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