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Printing Services Offer for The Ploughing Championship

Planning on having a stand at the National Ploughing Championships 2017? If so having the right printing services offer is key to ensure you get maximum exposure at the event with the help of promotional marketing banners and materials at the right price.

The National Ploughing Championships

This Machinery and Livestock Exhibition is the largest outdoor agricultural show in Europe and one of the largest in the World, with over 1500 exhibitors and over 200,000 visitors. In 2016, 283,000 people were recorded at the event. It takes place in different locations around Ireland, with this year it is being held in Screggan, Co. Offaly.

Printing Services Offer

There are approximately over 1,500 exhibitors who showcase their products and services over the 3 days of the Ploughing Championship and all of them need high quality printed advertisement to promote and boost their brand awareness to the right audience. With the right printing services offer, exhibitors can target some of the 280,000 visitors, engaging them with their brand and promotional materials.

Doggett Printers are offering a special early bird printing services offer for the National Ploughing Championships that includes some exhibitor essentials. The special printing services offer includes a customised ‘Two Meter Teardrop Stand’, a large ‘Pull Up Stand’, and 250 branded pens. As part of the printing services offer we are doing for the Ploughing Championship we are giving you all this combined with 1,000 A5 printed flyers and 250 business cards for free when you buy the printing services offer for €395 with Doggett Printers. Offer only lasts until 15th August so you will need to plan your design and book your package soon.

What are the promotional materials in the special offer?

A ‘Two Meter Teardrop Stand’ is a very stylish shape that attracts attention to your stand. Ideally you should have two teardrop stands, at the front of your stand beside the aisle and either side of where your company exhibit is, so that people walking down the aisle either side, can easily notice your stand.

A ‘Pull Up Stand’ is a very handy promotional advertisement that you can easily carry around to many events as it can fold up nicely. When setup to its full display height, it can be another great way to communicate what your organization does. It is a large rectangular display that can be both eye catching and informative and can be right beside your stand enticing visitors to engage and find out more about what you do.

Branded pens are a great way to market your brand long after the event. Once people engage with your stand and have enquired what you do, you can give them a free pen to take home, so they will be reminded about your organisation every time they use your pen, which has a lasting effect long after the event.

printing services offer

In addition with this special printing services offer, you will get 1000 free A5 flyers that can go into more detail what you do and can be again specifically targeted to the National Ploughing Championships target audience, informing people what you do and how to get in contact. A useful tip would be to run an introductory offer to incentivise people to sign up and become customers or followers of your brand. A flyer is a great way to have promotional material that people can take home with them, to be a reminder of what you do, as another way to boost your organisations marketing reach.

The last part of the Doggett Print early bird special offer, is giving 250 free business cards to help market your brand to people you meet at the event. Business cards need to have a compelling design that sharply communicates a sense of your brand along with all the relevant contact details. Getting the design right is key as well as having high quality printing finish such as what Doggett Printers provide. The key to a good marketing campaign is to ensure that your brand is memorable to your target audience. Good design and quality printing will help create a lasting impression.

Additional printing options

Other marketing options for your stand at the Ploughing Championships is to have a ‘Sharkfin Fabric Banner’ which is a soft material stand, that has a high quality printed flag with a customized design on it. This stand can also stand out on the aisle to grab attention as it moves in the breeze and the movement of it can attract more attention of passerbys.

printing services offer

Another option for standing out is having a tall rectangular sign that is ideal for a very sharp visual image to capture people’s imagination which is called a ‘5 Meter Outdoor Flag and Stand’. This is ideal if outside and where you need to make your stand be visible from a distance.

printing services offer

Once people have stopped to spend time at your exhibit stand, you need to engage them more with an attractive background display of your brand. One we would suggest is ‘Aero Back Drop Unit’ which looks super professional and striking while strongly communicating what your brand is about. It has a high resolution image quality, like all the Doggett Print advertisement banners. The more visual the advertisement is the better it will create a lasting impact of your brand in the mind of your target audience.

printing services offer

Another option is having a ‘Outdoor Banner Frame and Graphic’ that is large enough to attract attention from a distance. This banner is ideal for an outdoor location and can sit on the roof of your stand if you have a roof, or indeed can sit on the ground beside your stand where there is ample space. Ideally this banner is used in a spacious area as it is quite wide.

printing services offer

Good printing design

Overall whatever promotional advertisements you choose, the key is to have printed materials that are well designed and leave a lasting positive impression. Colourful and stylishly designed brand imagery and messaging can instantly create a strong impression and capture the attention of people at the event. Getting the right design approach for your brand is key. If you are looking for cutting edge designers who can visually market your company you can contact Stray Dog Design, which is a sister company of Doggett Printers.

The National Ploughing Championships is one of the largest outdoor festivals in the World and it includes additional attractions such as a tented trade village, live entertainment, music and dancing, fashion shows, craft village, live cooking demonstrations, craft demonstrations, celebrity appearances, sheep dog trials, All Ireland lamb shearing, pony games, welly throwing, outdoor radio broadcasts and most appropriately dressed lady and gents competitions, along with much more other events.

Having high quality printed advertisements at the Ploughing Championships will help create a lasting impression to the 200,000 visitors, raising awareness about your brand. To avail of the Doggett Printers early bird special offer printing services package or indeed any of the listed promotional options, simply contact us at 01 5310966 or here.