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A Complete Brochure Printing Guide

If you’re looking to create a professional brochure for your business, here’s a brochure printing guide to help make the most out of your business brochure.

1. Keep it Concise

You want a brochure to showcase everything you have to offer, however be careful not to make them too long. Keeping your brochures to the point will help reduce the amount of time you spend developing the content and save you on printing costs. Furthermore, people are too busy to read lengthy brochures. It’s all about making an impact quickly and a short, snappy brochure is a great way to do that. Keep your written content to the point and you’ll make a much bigger impact on your audience.

2. Think Big

If you’re using a professional brochure printing company, make sure you make the most out of it. By using a professional brochure printing company, you’ll be able to use full-bleed images and feature full-colour pages top make a real statement. Use big images and large text to really make your brochure stand out. Just because you have a lot to say, doesn’t mean you should use tiny font or several smaller images in place of one larger one. Think big and you’ll leave a lasting impact.

3. Maintain Your Brand

Your brochure is an extension of your brand and as such it needs to promote your company’s image and say something about your philosophy. The colours, fonts and images you choose need to be on brand and remain consistent throughout the entire brochure. If your online and offline promotional materials look as though they belong together, you’re well on your way to making a cohesive brand statement and building a loyal following.

4. Keep it Accurate

In any brochure printing guide, it goes without saying that your brochure should be free of any spelling or grammar mistakes. You should also be weary of any inconsistencies. For example, between UK and US spellings. Tiny details like this can ruin what would otherwise be a great brochure. After all, if you could make a mistake like that with your own brochure, you could easily make a mistake with one of your client’s projects. Make sure your work is tripled checked to avoid any embarrassment.

5. Pictures of People

When shown a page of text that also contains a real-life photograph of a person, a reader’s eyes will always be drawn to the image first, in particular to the eyes of the person in the photo. The mood of the person in the picture has been shown to have an impact on sales and branding, and even where they’re looking is important. If you’re savvy, you can use this to your advantage by including images of happy people enjoying your products or services. If you want to draw attention to a particular block of text or headline, make sure the person in the photograph is looking that way and your readers will look there too.

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