Brochure Design Tips: 3 Reasons To Work With A Local Company

Brochure Design Tips: 3 Reasons To Work With A Local Company

There are a whole bunch of benefits when you decide to get brochures designed and printed in Dublin. For starters, if you’re in the area you’ll be able to work with a local team to get the results you want.

Sure, if you dealt with a company online you’d be able to email over your request and forget about it until the day your digital printed brochures arrived, but you wouldn’t necessarily be happy with the quality of the material or the design work when seen up close.

When you want to get brochures designed in Ireland, there’s no better way to handle it than finding a team of print solutions experts who you can meet face to face.

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Brochure Design: 3 Great Reasons To Work With A Local Company

1. On Site Samples Can Help You See What You’re Buying

If you’ve ever taken a look at some of the digital printing forms online, you’ve no doubt been faced with paper type and size options that you know nothing about.

It can be difficult to imagine what your final product will look like even when you do know what kind of paper you’re paying for.

Get your brochure design in Dublin and you can get to see samples of material before you move ahead with your order.

This means you know exactly what you’re buying and that you’ll be working with people who won’t be happy until they find what you need.

2. Quality Customer Service

One of the most difficult things when dealing with an online company is experiencing bad customer service.

At the end of the day, often your only point of contact when things go wrong is a phone number or an email address.

It’s not the most ideal way to communicate, especially when you could be talking face to face with a brochure design company who have staff in an office that you’re actually able to visit.

Face to face time matters a lot, especially when you’re trying to create something that represents your business, so you should always try to make time to meet your brochure design and print team.

3. Many Brochure Design Companies Are More Than Just A Printing Service

It’s unlikely the first time you get brochures designs will be your last.

If all things go well, the campaign organised for it will lead to more business, and you’ll want to replicate that success again in the future. When you work with a local brochure design company, you’re able to work with the same people again and again, so that they understand your brand and what you want to achieve.

Business relationships count for a lot and they’re a lot easier to build when you can pop into an office.

At first, you might think when you work with a brochure design company to get your work designed and printed that will be the end of the job. Then you realise you need to know where to distribute them and who you want to distribute them to.

A local company will often be able to help answer those questions, and even provide print solutions services to handle the entire job.

Our print solutions design team can create fantastic results and offer a wide array of options to get your message out there. Drop us a line when you want to work face to face with a print solutions company today.