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Why Packaging Design Matters More Than Ever

Are you wondering if packaging design really matters in a digital world? Maybe you feel that other areas are more important, like developing your company’s brand? Well he’s 3 key reasons why your business needs to take packaging design seriously.

A recent study by WestRock, found that the average consumer ranks packaging as almost equal to brand when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, many businesses still don’t spend enough time and effort developing their product packaging. Think about how much your business spends on your brand versus how much you spend on packaging. Are those two numbers similar? Probably not.

This research shows that packaging design is now more important than ever. But just in case you’re not convinced, here’s 3 key ways amazing packaging can help your business.

1. Shelf appeal

Standing out on shelves is a key challenge of any retail business. If your product isn’t visually appealing, it’ll make selling your products a lot more difficult. The majority (64%) of the respondents in the WestRock study said they sometimes buy products off the shelf because they are drawn to its packaging. This means that customers – and their spending behaviour – are hugely influenced by product packaging. So, packaging design can have a big impact on your bottle line and as markets become more competitive and retail shelves get more crowded, it’s now more important than ever.

2. Reinforces Your Brand

A package’s appearance needs to communicate intangible brand attributes, such as luxury or value, but consumers expect the package to live up to the brand promise. It should be easy to open, and the packaging must work until the very last drop. After a consumer buys a package off the shelf, satisfaction can rapidly decrease as he transports it home, stores and uses it. To drive repeat purchase, packaging needs to satisfy consumers all the way to disposal. If a product’s packaging leaks on the way home, or is too difficult to store or use or dispose of, you can bet that your consumers will consider another brand the next time they shop.

3. Can Encourage Repeat Customers

That same study by WestRock, revealed that 35% of customers have switched brands because of new packaging. Other studies have ranked packaging as one of the highest drivers of repeat purchase, with more impact than TV ads, online reviews or even recommendations from friends. So if you want to encourage your customers to come back to your brand the next time they make a purchase, you really need to consider your product packaging design.

Just Remember…

100% of your product purchasers will interact with its packaging, it has to be the physical manifestation of the brand – both on the retail shelf and at every other touch point in the product lifecycle.

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